Since 2004, I’ve become increasingly involved in the world of video. I spent the years 2004-2008 producing content for television, on the shows Call For Help and The Lab with Leo Laporte. I’m also the long-time co-host and producer of one of the web’s first video podcasts, Lab Rats.

From 2008 through 2011 I was the Senior Producer at, a site dedicated to technology web video. During that time I had my hand in hundreds (if not thousands!) of videos: not only did I help determine editorial direction for our numerous editorial shows and tutorials, but I also helped create templates determining the visual look of many of these shows…and I built our high-def studio from scratch.

As with all of the other members of our studio team, I learned to do pretty much everything you needed to do to create web video, from shooting to hosting to directing to lighting to editing to animation to theme song composing. We shot much of our content on green screen, and also shot in the field. We edited, rendered and posted our videos on the content management system. We were each one-person production houses, but we also worked well together.

I work in Final Cut Pro, GarageBand and Logic, Photoshop and, increasingly now, AfterEffects. I am a firm believer that less is more when it comes to production of video – that’s why I tend to avoid trendy transitions and effects…they are too often used as a crutch.

Sample videos:

I’ve also spent a fair amount of time on-camera, both in studio and in the field:

For a more extensive list of videos (both web and TV),  you can click here.


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  1. Sam says:

    Hey why not try to get a job with Leo?

    Everyone else is there

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