Sean Carruthers

Sean Carruthers is a freelance writer, video producer and host based in Toronto, Canada. Most recently, he was a Senior Producer at butterscotch.com, where he was responsible for the conception, writing, production and editing of a number of web video shows, including Lab Rats, How Do I?, Status Update, The Noob, and more.

Sean has been writing, podcasting and broadcasting about technology for over a decade. He joined butterscotch hot on the heels of a gig as Content Producer on the G4TechTV program The Lab With Leo Laporte. Previous to that he worked on the Canadian production of the TV show Call For Help, served as the Test Lab Editor for The Computer Paper / HUB: Digital Living magazine, and launched the successful tech podcast Lab Rats. His writing has been featured in The Globe and Mail, the Village Voice, allmusic.com, and other technology and music publications.