CBC Spark piece on HR algorithms – extended interviews

I recently got the chance to work with the good folks at Spark, a technology show on CBC Radio One. I put together a piece based on my experiences hunting for a full-time job following the dissolution of butterscotch in October. I found that job-hunting has changed a lot since the last time I actively went looking for a job from scratch, and some of it was actually quite puzzling.

That piece will air on Spark this Sunday at 1pm local time (4pm Pacific). You can also stream the show by heading over to the CBC site and choosing a live stream for one of the local stations, when those stations roll around to 1pm. The piece is now available for streaming from the Spark website now, too.

I interviewed a number of people for the piece, and had some great conversations with them. I find most of them pretty informative, but in the end I was only able to use a small fraction of what I ended up recording for the finished piece. (Even at just over seven minutes, the piece was still longer than it technically should have been.) Because there was so much good information, I figured I should post the interviews in their entirety for anyone who wants to learn more about job-hunting in the new digital age.

First, I spoke with Carla Goertz, Executive VP of HR at Tucows. While Tucows is a comparatively small company, it uses an Applicant Tracking System to manage incoming resumes. Carla tells me why, and explains some of the benefit to both the hiring company and the job hunter.

Tucows-Carla-Goertz (MP3, 13 minutes 24 seconds)

Next I went up to see Kelly Sudsbury, Manager of Candidate Marketing at Manpower Canada. While Manpower is set up to help match people up with jobs, Kelly had some great advice about best presenting yourself, whether you’re using Manpower, using social networking or sending your resume via email.

Manpower-Kelly-Sudsbury (MP3, 21 minutes 34 seconds)

I also spoke with Danielle Restivo, LinkedIn’s Manager of Corporate Communications for Brazil and Canada. She had some good advice about using the networking power of a site like LinkedIn, and how keeping your profile up to date keeps you job-ready whether you’re actively looking or not.

LinkedIn-Danielle-Restivo (MP3, 14 minutes 16 seconds)

Lastly, I had a long chat with David Wilkins, VP of Research at Taleo, one of the companies that makes Applicant Tracking software. He had a lot of great commentary not only on how job hunters can best present themselves when applying online, but ways that companies can better set up their applicant filtering system to make sure they don’t end up with an army of clones. (Note: this was recorded over Skype and you’ll hear a noticeable difference in levels between the two of us; I’ve tweaked this as much as I can but a few patches are still somewhat uneven.)

Taleo-David-Wilkins (MP3, 28 minutes 21 seconds)


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